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Meet Bre

First things first, Bre is pronounced with a long e sound like Breeee, not Breh or Bray (which, believe it or not, has been a problem in the past). Bre is silver haired (by choice, not by age) and hasn’t gone a single day over the last three years without a compliment for it. She grew up in a small town in the desert called St. George, Utah. It is a beautiful place that natives are proud of and all others are envious of. She started dancing when she was 12 in an effort to control her long, uncoordinated limbs, and studied dance and musical theatre until she was 19. She moved a few hours north for college and every time it snows she asks herself why she is still here.

Bre graduated from Utah Valley University in April of 2016 with a degree in English, emphasizing in writing studies. Her biggest pet peeve is the widely held belief that studying English is just grammar. The truth is, she didn’t take any grammar classes and her studies were focused on literature, rhetoric, critical theory, and writing. Bre chose English because she has always loved reading and writing. Her large bookshelf is stocked with classic and modern literature, philosophy and theory, fashion books, and Harry Potter (she’s a proud Hufflepuff). Her love of fashion is the cause for the eight years worth of Vogue magazines stacked in her room and the sewing machine in the corner. Her favorite film is You’ve Got Mail, which she watches multiple times a week, and her favorite books are Peter Pan, The Great Gatsby, and The Picture of Dorian Gray.

Bre is a Fitter and Copywriter for Urbana Custom. She is new to the Urbana team and is excited to provide the world around her with well-fitted suits and her unique style of writing.


Retail pet peeve: Sales associates’ lack of knowledge of their product and their lack of attention spent on customers and their needs.

Favorite way to give back to the community: I love children and I’d really like to get involved in tutor programs to help elementary school kids learn how to read.

Best party trick: I am often the person sought out to find a missing person in the crowd, because by standing on my toes I can see the tops of every head in the room.

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