Our fabric selection is populated with a vast number of options. Having such a diverse selection is one of our core strengths, and we believe the cloth should speak to you. We select fabrics from a wide variety of mills across the world that match our value-driven offering and quality construction requirements. In your fitting, you will be guided towards the selection that makes the most sense for you.


Your personal fitter will help you assess fabrics based on your body type, fit preference, and budget to ensure you make the right investment for your custom wardrobe. Yes, this is an investment. That's why we acknowledge each need to provide the best possible experience from the first fitting, to each and every purchase you make with us.

Beyond our four-season cloths, we offer two seasonal collections for winter and summer. They are either lighter or heavier in weight and styled to the season of your preference.


If you're someone who speaks fluent suit jargon, we've included details about our luxury wool and the brands we partner with below. These labels are recognized in the suit industry for their luxury stamp of approval. These mills don't allow just anyone to source their fabrics, so after quality control testing our facility was awarded the virtual handshake to begin producing from the best of the best. 

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We offer cotton chosen for its cleanness, gloss and sheen. We source pure Egyptian cotton and linen which are known for their high quality appeal, refined characteristics and resistance to wear.  

Styled just for you and tailored to a crisp, professional fit.  

Our custom shirts are a real game changer. But don't just take it from us. 



They say it's better to be overdressed than underdressed. So we created a way to fit right in between. UrbanaSTREET offers a versatile, everyday option that is the epitome of business-casual. With our custom chinos, short sleeve button-downs, and minimal construction, you'll pull off a hybrid of classic taste with a modern edge. 

It's a revolution that represents the best of both worlds. 

We hope you love your custom clothing. 

Here's how to care for it. 

Just like any investment, proper management and care will extend it's lifetime. 
Your custom wardrobe should be no different. 

We'd love to hear your thoughts or see pictures! 


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