Woolen Mills 


Vitale Barberis Canonico, or better pronouced VBC, is an Italian owned operation passed down the family tree for over 3 centuries. They are reputable for their excellence, elegance, innovation, and responsibility. We source VBC not only because they are legends in the milling industry but because they incorporate values through their entire production process. VBC implements solutions against pollution substances and uses water conservation conscious methods that respect the external environment and goals of the community. Urbana is proud to offer a full VBC collection that makes you feel as good as you look.


Loro Piana is self promclaimed 'the pursuit of quality.' If that doesn't speak for itself we'll continue the humble brag for them. This family owned mill runs six generations deep, originating in the early 1800's. Loro Piana travels the world to find their raw fibers. Their devotion to quaility has them searching high up in the Andes for rare vicuña, an animal that can only be caught in the wild and shorn once every three years. Vicuñas were hunted almost to extinction in 1974 reducing their population to 6,000 in total. Loro Piana worked with the Peruvian government to protect the species against poachers and funded the natural reserve where vicuñas can live free, protected and recover population to a rising 350,000.

Loro Piana's fine materials are of the highest quality textiles in the world. Urbana plans to ride these coattails by delivering one of their luxury lines to our most refined clients as part of our swatch selection. We highly recommend their heavy weight wools for your next jacket.


Located in Biella, Italy, Drago holds a special place with us for their innovative approach to the milling industry. They are known for their multifunctional fabrics which include natural stretch for those who want a slimmer fit without sacrificing comfort. They produce a line that is non-stain and waterproof so those happy hours can get a little more wild.

Drago also pays attention to animal welfare using only eco friendly Patagonian organic wool and are advocates of no mulesing operation. Rain water is collected to wash the wool and they even go the extra mile to reduce their carbon footprint by feeding boilers with wood instead of gas. You're practically part of nature in this fabric but let's keep this attire for the office or party settings only, please. 


For almost 2 centuries this British mill has marked their territory among the industry by their iconic fabrics, exclusivity, and boldly claiming to use world’s rarest natural fibers. They prove their point by collecting the finest materials across all 5 continents. In their milling process they use a compact yarn method that allows each thread to be stronger, finer and tighter... Just like any modern gent should strive to be. Dormeuil is known for their large, complex prints which serves a sensible function to the guy who wants few pieces he can wear in multiple ways. Dressed up or dressed down, Dormeuil's aesthetics and designs give you the ability to pull off different looks so you can rise to any occasion.


Naples is headquarters for this Italian collection. Beyond their exceptional quality Ariston brings a unique taste to the tailoring world. They are best set apart by their bright, crisp colors with exclusive patterns in plaids, windowpane, diagonal lines and even camouflage. Ariston constantly brings fresh pieces to the market that is totally renewed every six months. Their primary focus is creating amazing cloth in shorter runs that often disappears quick from trendy demand. This fabric is best for those who are destined for fun and adventure and is why Urbana presents-- Ariston. 


Not to drop any names, but... we're going to. Zegna. It's the trump all card in fabric world. It's arguably the most well known, high-end mill and is proven when even the most 'fashion challenged' gets chills as its name is spoken. Behind the brand however, is a process that validates any foreseeable hype of the label. Ermenegildo Zegna was founded in 1910 in Trivero, a city in the Biella Alps. Their technological advances and artisan craftsmanship in silk, wool, mohair, and cashmere production, led them to grant the Ermenegildo Zegna Vellus Aureum International Trophy award. This annual contest encourages ranches to submit their finest fibers to a panel of luxury cloth aficionados to judge placement for the finest fleece of the year. Assessments are based off fineness, raw materials used, and performance. At the end of each contest, Ermenegildo Zegna buys all the submitted raw materials, thus securing the world’s finest fabrics and bringing its luxury to the forefront of the clothing industry.

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